Termites are small light-colored insects that look somewhat like ants (they’re even sometimes referred to as “white ants”). But they are most closely related to cockroaches. They don’t pose any direct risk of harm to humans, but these are definitely not insects that you want to have in or around your home. Termites congregate in huge colonies and eat wood and other materials that contain cellulose, including paper, cardboard, and plants.

The result of their voracious appetite is often severe structural damage, as termites can eat their way through the walls and framing of your home. This is what makes termite pretreats for new construction and termite inspections for mortgage lenders so important.

Termite Pretreatment
in St. George

To avoid a potential termite infestation, it’s important that buildings are treated to prevent them from gaining access further down the line. Here at Red Rock Pest Control, while we don’t treat termites once they have invaded a building, we do offer pretreats for any new construction in the area. With our pretreatment, homes and businesses alike will be protected from a potential termite infestation.

Termite Inspections in Southern Utah

If you’re a mortgage lender in St. George, we also offer termite inspections. While we can’t treat termites once there is an infestation, we are able to accurately inspect and assess the situation so that you know what you are dealing with. The sooner termites are spotted, the sooner you can start looking for a solution to your problem.

Pest Control in St. George, Utah

If you’re looking for termite pretreatment or are wanting an inspection, don’t wait. Red Rock Pest Control can help. While we don’t work on existing termites, we do offer preventative services for new construction and mortgage lenders. Learn more about our services by calling us today.

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Red Rock Pest Control is an industry leader in the region and is proud to be part of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association. Our team of pest control professionals can effectively treat a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings and we offer 30-day guarantees on our work. Contact us today to learn more, schedule an appointment, or request a free quote.