Rodents are small, furry, warm-blooded mammals that can be found throughout the world. Mice and rats have small, oversized front teeth that they use to gnaw through materials, which can cause excessive damage to homes and other structures. These rodents can even cause fires when they chew through electrical wires.


Having a rodent in your home can be very frightening, but it’s also dangerous and unhygienic. Mice and rats carry fleas, bacteria, viruses, and up to 35 harmful diseases, such as hantavirus. These diseases spread through rodents’ feces, urine, and saliva. Rodents also contaminate food, with mice being capable of contaminating around ten times the amount of food they can eat. Rodents leave behind a scent trail of pheromones that frequently causes more of the animals to congregate, so it’s important to respond quickly with the help of a professional pest control technician.


For most people, one mouse or rat in their home is already far too many, and the idea of an infestation is extremely unpleasant. However, rodent infestations do occur since rats and mice nest in groups.


It’s important to keep an eye out for several telltale signs of a rodent invasion in your home or yard. These indications include

  • scratches or gnaw marks on the bottoms of doors, table legs, and wall corners
  • chewed-through food packing
  • mice or rat droppings, especially near food or in cupboards
  • scratching or scampering sounds within the walls

If you spot any of these signs (or a rodent itself), the infestation is likely already severe, and you should seek out professional pest control services as soon as possible.


Rodents are attracted to food and places to hide, so the risk of an infestation can be lowered by taking several basic precautions. Start by sealing any holes on the exterior of your home that rodents could use as an entry point. Look around doors, windows, the foundation, siding, and vents. Additionally, be sure to shut your garage door as much as possible, keep your property clear of debris, remove tree branches near your home, and ensure no food is ever left out in your kitchen, dining room, or other areas.


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