Whether you’ve seen a couple of scorpions here and there or have an entire scorpion infestation on your property, there is no better pest control company to trust in the St. George area than Red Rock Pest Control. We know just how much trouble scorpions can cause to your property, whether it be your home or business, which is why our pest control experts are dedicated to helping you solve the problem.

Sometimes you may not know you have a scorpion issue in your home or business if you don’t know what signs to look for. The most obvious sign that scorpions are on your property is sighting live or dead scorpions throughout your property. You can also look for scorpion droppings, which resemble sand. Being bit by a scorpion is another obvious sign that you may have an issue on your hands. If you’re noticing any signs of a scorpion infestation, be sure to reach out to us at Red Rock Pest Control, and we’ll come out to inspect your home.

Residential Scorpion Pest Control

At Red Rock Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our safe pest control options for residential properties. We know many Southern Utah residents have a family, and one of the main concerns about hiring pest control is if it’s safe to be around your kids and pets. When you hire us to exterminate scorpions in your St. George home, you can trust that we only use child-friendly pest control options. Your children will be safe during and after as we perform our services. We also want to make sure your pets stay safe too, which is why our products are pet-safe once they dry. It’s important to keep your pets away until we finish the pest control service and the treatment dries.

Commercial Scorpion Pest Control

We all know seeing scorpions in a place of business is unsightly. It may even drive potential customers away, which is why you should treat your business for scorpions right away by hiring the best pest control company in the area. At Red Rock Pest Control, we can not only eliminate any scorpions, but we can provide preventative services as well to keep your business from having any future infestations.

Scorpion Exterminators in the St. George, UT, Area

The next time you need trustworthy pest control to treat scorpions, trust us at Red Rock Pest Control in St. George, Utah. We’ll control your scorpion infestation and use preventative methods so that it doesn’t happen to your residential or commercial property again. You can also hire us to provide regular treatments to make sure your property is always protected against all types of pests. Call us today to schedule a time for our pest control experts to come out and treat your property for scorpions.