Tent Caterpillars

Have you ever heard of or seen tent caterpillars before? While some caterpillars are a welcome sight in gardens or around your yard, others can look downright scary or even cause issues with your plants.


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What are Tent Caterpillars?

Tent caterpillar is a popular phrase that refers to caterpillars of various moth and butterfly species. While in their larval stage, these butterflies and moths multiply quickly, and while they may not be dangerous, they can cause property damage to various trees and shrubs.

Tent caterpillars are commonly found in orchards. One of the most common types of tent caterpillars in Utah is the Western tent caterpillar. These are around two inches long and have a yellow-brown color with orange and blue spots on their backs. Once they turn into moths, they are orangish-brown in color with yellow lines on their wings.

These tent caterpillars often use trees, such as birches, cottonwoods, and oaks, as hosts.

Are Tent Caterpillars Dangerous?

Luckily, tent caterpillars aren’t very dangerous. They don’t pose health risks to humans or pets. However, the reason they are such a frustrating pest is that they can be invasive in yards and around properties.

When tent caterpillars invade trees, they remove the leaves and foliage. They also create large webs that look like tents around tree branches.

Tent Caterpillar Prevention Tips

Unlike some pests, tent caterpillars can be a bit tricky to prevent. It’s not just a matter of keeping a clean yard or removing trash, as moths can easily migrate from place to place and lay their eggs around your yard.

However, you can follow these tent caterpillar prevention steps:

While these measures may help prevent or remove some infestations, these are difficult pests to control completely on your own.

How to Remove Tent Caterpillars

If you do have a tent caterpillar infestation, what should you do? The easiest and most effective way to eradicate invasions of tent caterpillars is to work with professional pest experts. With Red Rock Pest Control, we use safe methods and products to control tent caterpillars and other invasive pests.

We have years of experience removing outdoor pests in Utah, and we ensure you, your pets, and your yard are safe in the process.

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