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With a variety of safe and effective pest control and extermination services, we’re your one stop shop for most pest problems you’re likely to encounter in Southern Utah. Call today for a FREE estimate!

Your One Stop Shop For Home & Business Pest Control

Home Pest Control

We protect your Southern Utah home from pests that could harm you and your family.

Apartment Pest Control

No matter your housing, be sure to stay in control of those pesky desert bugs.

Real Estate Inspection

Get an FHA inspection report when buying or selling your home to ensure its clean and safe.

New Construction

We do termite pre-treatments.


We offer termite and scorpion extermination with EPA approved methods. Don’t wait!

Office Space Pest Control

We are licensed and insured to provide services for your commercial property or office space.

Commercial Facilities

Drive away nasty pests before they drive away customers!